About us

CPT Trading Technologies is based in Switzerland, one of the financial centers of Europe. We are a global provider in CFD Trading, Spread Betting and ForEx services. We are the leading Swiss trading firm and are sought after by traders around the world.

Leading Swiss Trading Company

Our company operates out of Switzerland and provides traders with access to 12,000 markets that includes the following global asset classes: Shares, ForEx, Commodities and Indices. The CPT platform comes with financial tools to help improve the trading skills of our users. Competitive pricing coupled with industry standard services make us an easy choice.

Segregated client bank accounts

Your funds are safely secured and segregated from the company accounts

Safe, free deposits and withdrawals

Safe management of your account through our fund management gateway

Highest Standards of Governance

We regularly audit our finances and strictly adhere to corporate by-laws and standards

Our Commitment

CPT Trading Technologies is among the biggest trading platforms globally. It has an established company in the industry and has a proven track-record.

Our unbeatable prices are matched by our unparalleled services. This is further complemented by our customer support personnel who are on hand anytime of the day or night. You can rely on us for our stable trading platform, strong financial skills and available resources to be at the leading edge of the industry standard.

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